100 % English Session : Code your SpiroGraph using Python

Summer Camp #1 2018 for HighSchool

One week to learn

and code your SprioGraph using Python with Vitalija

With our partner Jean XXIII

Opening hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: morning from 9am to 12am

Code Camp : SpiroPy

Have you ever wondered how a spirograph works ? Can we simulate a spirograph on a computer ? It would be a very good thing to digitally create those nice looping stars and then print them. And why not take this opportunity to learn to code using Python : Good idea, isn't it ? And in addition to all this, you practice your English all over a week like an actual Geek in San Francisco.

If you share those thoughts, then this code camp is for you. It will take place from July 16th to 20th, 2018, every morning from 9am to 12am.


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Program a spirograph in Python

Goals :

  • Basics of Python
    • Variables and data structures
    • Functions and modules
  • Algorithm Design
  • Python Project implementation


  • Welcome
  • Program presentation
  • Day 1 : How to run Python and the basics
  • Day 2 : Functions in Python
  • Day 3 : Objects and Turtles
  • Day 4 : Conditions and loops
  • Day 5 : The spirograph and the Maths behind


It is advised to prepare the following:

  • Gmail account

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